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Mussels As Bait

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Mussel has been, and still is, the mainstay of North East fishing.

Bought by the quart years ago by all North East sea anglers, the mussel is probably still the most productive fish taker of all baits. Though it is getting more difficult to get a regular supply now-a-days, it is well worth the effort of finding a tackle dealer or local fishmonger who can supply it.

Fishing with large, fresh mussel baits in a rough sea, feels right, and there is a lot to be said for having confidence in your bait. Many myths surround the humble mussel - some will take them out of their shells and place them in a jam jar, leaving them for a week or two to "ripen".

Others insist on keeping mussel alive in sea water to which they add quantities of porridge oats - swearing that the mussel grows and becomes tougher. My own preference is to use them as fresh as possible and to pile them onto the hook forming a "BIG" bait.

I think that if we went back to my fathers day and used nothing but mussel as a bait, we wou ld probably still catch as many fish, and, mussel does tend to find the bigger fish.

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