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Garfish Advice

How do you catch garfish? Replies: 1. "Has to be float tackle, really, and for the added fun a carp rod, 6 to 8lb line, smallish hook
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Bass Advice

Can you give me some advice on catching bass, please? Replies: 1. "All the big bass I have caught have been on a fillet of mackerel or ...
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Rotten Bottom Rig

What is a rotten bottom rig? Reply by Jaybee: The Rotten Bottom is part and parcel of some angling. My version is designed for simple lob casting ...
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Hook Sizes

What size hooks do you use for sea fishing? Do you think size matters? Replies: 1. "Personally for whiting I always use a size 1 or 1/0 ...
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Wishbone Rig

What is a Wishbone Rig and what are the advantages of it? Reply by Jaybee: It's biggest advantage, of course, is that it allows two baits - ...
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Pulley Rig

What is a Pulley Rig? Reply by Jaybee: The Pulley rig shown opposite uses a pennel type hook set up but can be used with a single ...
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Lures For Bass

What are the best lures for bass fishing? Replies: 1. "You can't go wrong with a selection of the original Abu Toby lures. If you're intent on ...
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