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Drifting For Pollack

I am off drifting for pollack next week, what are the best lures, that aren't too expensive, but are effective? Replies: 1. Try some jelly worms or power
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Handheld GPS

Has anyone tried out these small handheld GPS? I was thinking of buying one for occasional use on a boat. Replies: 1. "I use an IPAQ PDA ...
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Tope Tips

Any tips for a tope fishing novice? Replies: 1. "Please use Circle Hooks with the barb shut down. No more gut hooked fish.You wont lose any, I ...
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Seasickness Cures

Can anyone suggest a cure for seasickness? Replies: 1. "The cure is keep away from..a)boatsb)the seatry pills called "Sealegs" they worked for my son who gets VERY ...
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Baits For Rays

Can I please have opinions on which bait is the proven best for thornback, and hopefully stingray? Replies: 1. "I used to fish for Skate with a ...
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Striking Tope Runs

Can anyone tell me how long to wait before I strike a run and the best way to boat them? Replies: 1. "There are many trains of thought ...
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Uptide Rods

What constitutes an uptide rod? Replies: 1. "The only real difference between a beach rod capable of casting 6-8 oz and an uptide rod is the length, ...
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Black Bream

Going on a trip for Black Bream off Littlehampton in a couple of weeks....have been advised that squid baits on long flowing traces are the ...
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