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Floating Or Sinking Flies?

Which is best - floating or sinking flies? Replies: 1. "They reckon that 80% of food a trout eats is sub-surface; nymphs, shrimps, bloodworms etc. leaving the
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Trout Recipes

Got any good ways of cooking trout? Replies: 1. "quick & easy:- gut/head/tail & clean out fish,score fishes sides and back, place in silver foil with a ...
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Breathable Waders

Are breathable waders any good? Replies: 1. "I find this kind of waders to be the best thing since sliced bread. I have used these kind of ...
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Fly Fishing For Carp

Has anyone ever tried Fly fishing for Carp? Gaffer replies: "I've had the privilege of fishing with Alan Cooklin who IMO has pioneered Fly Fishing for ...
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