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Waggler Fishing On A River

How do you fish a waggler on a river? Replies: 1. "If you fish the waggler overdepth say 6-8 inches and 3 -4 inches above the hook
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Best Baits

What is the best bait for bream, roach, perch and tench, and when is the best time of the year to fish for them? Replies: 1. "Worm ...
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Luncheon Meat

How do you put Luncheon Meat on to the hook? Replies: 1. "I only use it in the summer . I cut it into 1/2" squares and let it ...
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Cold Canal Fishing

I fished my local canal one week and had around forty fish in a few hours. A week later, after a sharp frost, I blanked. ...
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I want to get a depthfinder - not an electronic one, but an ordinary commonal-garden one to find holes and depressions in lakes, but particularly ...
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