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Lure Scents

Are there any such things as spray scents for lures? If so, are they any good? Replies: 1. "If they are thin enough to spray on then,
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Fishing The Margins

What is ‘fishing the margins’?   Replies:   1. “Simply put, fishing the margins is fishing close in to the bank at the end of the rod tip.During the ...
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Hooking Lobworms

How should you hook lobworms?   Replies:   1. “I used to hook worms through the saddle until I found out the largest concentration of organs is located there. ...
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Wallis Casting

What is Wallis Casting?   Replies:   1. “Walllis Casting is a method of casting designed to gain extra distance from a centrepin reel."   2. “There’s a great video clip ...
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Line For Centrepins

I’m new to centrepin fishing. How much line should I load on the reel?   Replies:   1. “The short answer to your line question is 50 yards” ...
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