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Dead Maggots

Which is the best way to kill maggots? Replies: 1. Place them in plastic bag with the top fastened and pop in the freezer. They will be dead
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Crushed Hemp

I fish a venue that contains roach, skimmers and a decent head of perch. Would crushed hemp be any good as a groundbait? Replies: 1. I normally ...
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Feeder Fishing Tips

Anyone know anything about lure fishing for perch in autumn/winter from canals? Replies: 1. Try all different depths from top to bottom and speeds from s l ...
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Line Clip

I recently had the chance to feeder fish for bream, and was a little confused on how to use the line-clip on the reel for ...
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Buying A New Feeder Rod

What is a decent feeder rod in the 50 quid price range? Replies: 1. "An excellent rod in that price range is the Shakespeare Odessa 12ft ...
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