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Leadcore – A heavy debate!

Since it was initially borrowed from the fly fraternity, leadcore has become a popular hooklink material with carp anglers due to its fast sinking properties
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Rods to go the distance..?

In a sport dominated by test curves and big baits, what should we be looking for in a long distance casting rod? In addition, is ...
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Carp Baits - A Matter Of Time

How long should you leave baits out for?   Replies:   1. If I’m happy with where I put the bait then I’ll leave it until I get ...
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Artificial Sweetcorn

Why do people use fake sweetcorn? Isn't it better to use the real thing? Replies: "It's really useful, especially when you have a lot of small fish ...
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PVA Bags And Maggots

How can I use PVA bags for maggots?   Replies:   1. “Try Korda Funnel Web stocking type stuff with a bit of sticky mag to bind the maggies ...
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How To Tie A Hair Rig

How do you tie a hair rig and use it? Reply by Garth 'Gaffer' Barnard: The modern day Hair-rig was devised by Kevin Maddocks and Len Middleton ...
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Halibut Pellets

How do you use halibut pellets for carp fishing? Are they any good? Reply by Julian Grattidge: In a sport dominated by boilies, many carp anglers often ...
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Feature Finding

How do you go about feature finding? Julian Grattidge replies: I have used the following feature finding set-up for many years and having tried many other similar ...
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