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Follow my Leader..!

Shock leaders and snag leaders offer the angler security when attempting to cast long distances or when targeting fish in snagged & weedy waters. However,
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Should time be called on long-shanked hooks?

After bent-hook rigs were banned many moons ago by clubs, many are now questioning the hooking properties of the popular long-shanked hook. The question is, ...
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Tactics for Grass Carp?

Whilst grass carp can often be taken on the same tactics you would apply to normal carp, it can often pay to change your approach ...
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Sometimes carp are like Buses..!

When the bite alarms remain silent and action is slow we often dream of a screaming run that would make it all better, but what ...
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To sack or not to sack…

Love them or hate them, carp sacks have become popular in carp fishing circles. The big question is how and when should they be used?   Replies:   1. ...
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How do you make your Pop-Up’s?

There are various options available for making pop-up baits, so if you don’t fancy buying direct off the shelf, how do you go about turning ...
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What’s in a Colour?

Dark baits, bright baits and even day-glow baits! It seems there are more boilie colours available than ever before in our tackle shops, but does ...
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Difficult Carp

I'm fishing a 3 acre privately owned lake which is very rarely fished that contains a few carp to 25+. I've seen them on several ...
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