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Tiddler; nickname used to describe a very small fish of any species.
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Tip is the word used to describe the top section of a rod, which is generally the most sensitive part of a fishing rod. ...
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Tares are a particle bait which prove effective for coarse species and carp in particular. For coarse species a tare is often fished on the ...
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Talpies or Tailpies

Talpies, or Tailpies, is local name for hermit crab along the North East coast from Northumberland down to parts of Lincolnshire. ...
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Tackle Snob

A tongue in cheek phrase to describe a person who will not use anything but top named gear even if it it not as good ...
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Tackle Tart

Tongue in cheek term to describe a person who buys tackle because it is the newest and prettiest. Harmless people with more money than sense. ...
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Trigger Grip

Trigger Grip:   reel seat with an extending lobe to the down end to allow the index finger to hook round it as in a gun ...
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