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Pod: Term used to describe a rod pod, effectively a rod support system used predominantly in carp fishing. The pod allows alarms, swingers and but
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Pectoral Fin

Pectoral Fin: A pair of fins located either side of the under body just behind the gill covers. Effectively the fishes limbs, and used for ...
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Particles: Term used to describe a group of natural baits that are used as feedbait for coarse species and carp in particular. Most require soaking ...
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A casting or trolling lure. Can be in one section or multi-jointed and can be fished floating or diving. ...
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Progressive Action

Also called through or parabolic action. A term to describe the action of a rod that continues to bend down its length towards the butt ...
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Popping Rod

Rod used for casting shrimp under a "popping cork". Generally a rod with a fast light tip to prevent tearing the bait off the hook during ...
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