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Hanger: Indicator used to detect line bites when ledgering, usually consisting of a balanced weight which clips onto the line between the reel and the
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Heddon: US company known for their lures, the most well known of which are the crazy crawler, spook, and the lucky thirteen. James Heddon is ...
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Hypalon: Trademark name for a Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene synthetic rubber product. Has for long been used for rod grips, particularly boat or big game. A heavy ...
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Hot Shot Rod

Hot Shot Rod: A term from USA to describe a strong butted yet very light tipped rod designed for use with swimming or diving plugs ...
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Hosel: Used to finish off the forward end of the foregrip. Similar to a cap with a hole drilled, through which the blank passes. Can ...
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Hook Keeper

Hook Keeper: Small ring or guide wrapped onto the rod just forward of the front grip. Intended to be used for holding the fly / ...
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Half Wells Grip

Half Wells Grip: Half of a full wells grip on fly rods. Swelled at one end and the middle with opposite end tapering to a ...
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Hook: Item of tackle required to catch any fish. Available in many sizes and patterns to suit any species. Bait is usually offered on the ...
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Hair Rig

Hair Rig: A rig developed by Kevin Maddocks, where the bait is attached to a length of line with the hook just above it. Full details can ...
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