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Gozzer: Term used to describe a special, usually home bred, soft maggot, fed on pigeon flesh, popular with bream anglers in the 70s.
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Grub: Term used to describe a family of rubber/plastisol lures ranging in size up to 18 inches, usually resembling a curly tailed worm. ...
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Gilaroo: Irish Lough trout. The name is derived from the Gaelic for Red Fellow (Giolla Rua), in reference to the fish's bright red spots. ...
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Groundbaiting: The provision of free food items with the intention of attracting and/or holding fish in one's swim. ...
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Guddle: Scottish word used to describe the art of tickling trout. ...
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Gimbal: A butt cap with cross hatch slotting on the end. These slots locate into a pin used in a gimbal lock which may be ...
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